Tales from the rales – thank you, cake, BBC, Standon Calling… and more cake.

I intended this next post to be about Standon Calling and the BBC Introducing session, but last night I played a show at the Finsbury in north London for the folks of ‘Stop Look Listen’ and now I feel I need to share a couple of thoughts circulating this overcrowded head of mine.

Something has changed and I’m not sure what it is or how it happened. Perhaps it’s just the shift of energy since I decided to quit the all be it part-time day job three months ago, but I feel happy with the way things are going. I feel it when I play, I feel it in the way I deal with being tired and I feel it in your reactions to the performances. Yesterday was a really special night for me for no reason other than the mix of audience I got to enjoy at the Finsbury. A group of people who saw me play for the first time at the Old Blue Last came along last night, which was so lovely! Great to see you again, and also super awesome of you to bring cake to add to the free cake (can there ever be enough cake? I think not). A couple of people came along to the show who have been coming to see me since my very first London gigs, like Nicholas Blake, who’s taken so many great live pictures and also provided the shot for the album cover, and Steve who booked me for shows at The Source Below years ago (a rather obscure venue in the forgotten corners of Soho – it no longer exists, except for in Nicholas’ pictures!):

The Source Below

I was moved by all your kind words after the show and I just feel so fortunate to know you and have your support. Thank you.
I got to meet a lot of great people yesterday and I hope to play at a ‘Stop Look Listen’ night again – Zoe an Will were excellent hosts!

And here, for good measure, are a whole bunch of pictures from the most awesome weekend of radio and festival funnery. I cannot thank Helen Meissner enough for having me at Standon Calling and for accompanying me at the BBC, great fun!

BBC Introducing

Looks like the 1970’s!

BBC Introducing

Well, close enough…?

Standon, almost

Wock n Woll!


Clearly excited to be at Standon and it’s all thanks to this lovely lady:

Standon Excited

Thanks for joining me on Cello, Raphael!

Standon stage

Love, cake and fun times to you all!

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  1. Festivals, cake. It doesn’t get better.
    Such a pleasure seeing you perform at Standon Calling and The Old Blue Last to add to my first time at the album launch at St Pancras. Hope not too long before I get to the next one. Happy travels, hope there is cake wherever you go :-).

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