Tales from the Rails – Living Room Tour – Aliens and clever people

So I’m terribly behind on reporting on my living room gigs, sorry about that! I’ve been mostly sleepy on trains, writing being replaced by staring out of the window, counting sheep (which, as we all know, doesn’t help). In the spirit of “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start” (yes, I’m quoting Julie Andrews again..), thank you so much to all of the hosts – I’m completely overwhelmed by your hospitality and creativity! Never did I think that the living room gigs would be so much fun that I’d gladly continue doing them instead of traditional gigs – stages are so 2012… Garden’s and living rooms is where it’s at! Here are just a few reason’s why:


Well yes, there were many, some of them more welcome than others. From hovering miniature aliens in Frankfurt (I swear!) to canadian geese in Hertfordshire. The coolest bar none were Seagulls in Seaford – having them laughing away in the background made me feel like I fell into John Lennon’s ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’, wish I could have recorded them.

Design Funnery

You’re all so clever and talented! An unexpected bonus for me were receiving really cool stuff from you – thank you! From Mr. David C. Hill I got a Living Room Tour T-shirt made up especially, featuring his cartoon character, Norton Mouse. As you can see, it needs ironing, but hey, that proves it’s being worn! The last living room gig at Matt Suff’s house in Uppingham felt like falling into a Design-Fun-Land, with super fun signage all around, as well as tickets for the gig and, most awesomely, my Access All Areas pass:

Access All AreasPicture 4

More Creativity:

Rosie in Leeds transformed her living room into a proper venue with a little help from arty projections and local musicians, who rocked up with a full back-line. Look out for a new band called “Cottonwolf” – it’s been a really long time since I was so blown away by a band – I can’t wait for their album. Leed’s busker Joseph Francis also played a beautiful set. It was great to meet you all, hope to share the bill again soon!


Onwards today, along familiar rails up to Liverpool, where my mate Sean is hosting a quasi living room gig at The Attic by Parr Street Studios. It’s going to be a really fun night. Thank you so much again to David, Jeremy & Steph, Rosie & Harry, Matt & Jean & David for hosting and for making me feel so welcome!

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