Tales from the Rails – Leeds Communion and who’s going to pay for that boob job?

Leeds_CommunionWe’re back no the rails, currently en route from Leeds to Liverpool (traveling sideways is always a tricky business in this country!). Last night I had the pleasure of kicking off my record release tour with a show at Oporto, hosted by Communion Leeds. The line-up was rather amazing; top of the bill were Story Books, who have a new fan in me, that’s for sure! They also get extra points from me for being a great front row and leaders of the ‘Red and White Blood Cells Crowd” – thanks guys!
Alex Vargas was also fantastic. I feel I’ve learned a lot about dynamics in performing just be watching him… if he ever plays near you, I recommend you go check him out.

It was great to see my little Leeds touring family again, thanks very much for coming down and I hope you enjoy the album! Thank you to everyone at Communion Leeds for having me and for putting on a great night.

Today I look forward to a free day in Liverpool and to playing at the View Two Gallery with Liverpool Acoustic tomorrow night.

Right now we’re pulling into Manchester Piccadilly, where a young woman with her young daughter who were sitting across from me are disembarking… She’s been on the phone perpetually to various friends and family members to tell them that they’re on the way to “Eva’s Photo shoot” (insert strong northern accent here). The girl can’t be much older than three year old has her hair straightened and is wearing make up… I wish I could have heard the other side of the conversation when mum said: “Well someone’s got to pay for my boob job!”
Just thought I’d share that. You’re welcome.

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