My debut album ‘The Real Thing’ out on itunes now!!

The Real ThingDear friends, as of today my debut album ‘The Real Thing’ is available on itunes, Amazon and all other major online shops and streaming services. I’m so excited to share this record with you and I do hope you enjoy it. If you’d like a physical copy you can of course buy one right here from my website!

Thank you all for watching and sharing the new music video to ‘Some kind of Creature’, which has over 1000 views already after just three days… Amazing!

Thank you also for the very kind words in the first reviews that have been coming in for the album. You can read them here on “Indie London“, “Ringmaster“, See Sound“, “AMP“, and for the German speakers amongst you, or those wishing to become one, “Readers Edition

Yesterday I had the pleasure of playing my first ever show In Brighton. On arrival, I headed straight to the Beach to play “Quadrophenia” (Are folks who live in Brighton sick of that reference? Probably). It was a beautiful day, albeit slightly windy!


The gig at the Druids Arms (I refrained from singing ‘Stone Henge” by Spinal Tap…) was such a joy. Thank you to Jeremy from ‘Some of it is True’ for inviting me and for hosting a great night.  As the clock struck midnight, my carriage may not have turned into a pumpkin, but my album magically appeared on this here Internet – here’s to the next couple of weeks and to all of you out there, happy listening and thank you so much for all your support!


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