Tales from the Rails (Totnes) – Turnstiles and the last of the summer

“We’ve come on holiday by mistake” the voice of Withnail once again in my mind as I clumsily navigate through the turnstile.

It’s the day after my show at Totnes.FM Studio Lounge and I have hours to kill. A member of last nights’ audience, a local totnesian has kindly offered to give me a guided tour along the river, sandwiches with homemade bread and all. The mud crawls into my non-waterproof city boots and up my jeans.

“Would you know where east is from here by looking at the sun?”
I would not. Nor would I have known that those large triangular creatures in the sky were buzzards.

Clear blue and glistening orange and green, this will be one of the last sunny afternoons of 2012. I tried to capture it on camera, but that never works.


Totnes was much fun, both on stage and during the day. The studio Lounge is a really cool venue in the middle of an industrial estate by the river Dart. I opened the show for Portland singer / songwriter Catherine Feeny, who’s just released her fourth studio album “America”. I really enjoyed watching her set – if you get a chance to catch her on tour, I recommend you do.

I love a packed room of attentive people and yesterday was just that. As Catherine said, a clear sign that the promoters are doing something right – thank you so much for having me, for listening and for being good red and white blood cells (excellent singing on your part chaps!). I’m back in Totnes on Friday the 16th for a show at the Barrel House, hope to see you there!

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  1. Totnes still got Summer? jeez its been Winter up north in Sheffield for over a month now Roxanne. Stay down there if you wanna keep warm! :)) xx

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