Tales from New York part 3 – whisky and colloquialism

This morning was a little hazy due to last night’s whiskey shots (who’s stupid idea was that anyway? Oh yes…twas mine.). The sun is still warming the large pavement slabs here in Brooklyn and today I’m looking forward to a proper Sunday off. Last night I played a show at Gizzi’s in the west village – Truth be told, it was not the best of shows… oddly the staff seemed to be inconvenienced by the live music rather than supporting it – most bizarre. However, I’d like to thank the lovely people that made the effort to come out and see me – hope you still enjoyed the show!

Later on I got to see one of my favourite crazy bands, The Sky Captain’s of Industry play at Bar 4 in Brooklyn, which was awesome (yes, I’m using that word – I’m in America now, so might as well!). This evening I’m popping into the studio (back to British!) to record a little something for their forthcoming record – huzzah!

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