Boss Gig Like

LiverpoolI will always have a soft spot for Liverpool. As rough and rowdy as the exterior may be, this is a town where people take their music seriously.

Sunday before last I played a show at Sound, a new music venue on Duke Street. With a packed room of, shall we say, jolly people, I really wasn’t too sure how my set would go down and was all the more surprised when everyone settled down to listen and to do an excellent job (possibly the best one yet) of singing along to ‘Hey Ya’ and ‘Red and White Blood Cells’.

“Boss gig like!” was the verdict. Although some will disagree, to me there’s something rather endearing about the Liverpool accent. I think what the gentleman meant to say was that he enjoyed my show… free translation for you!

After the Liverpool on that Sunday, I ventured to Manchester for a headline show at the Castle Hotel situated on Oldham Street, which was lined with vinyl exchange and vintage (well, mock-vintage) shops. It was the first and quite possibly only summer weekend so I wasn’t sure how many of you would ditch the beer gardens and brave the cool shadowy venue. Thank you very much for coming to see me play and for being so attentive and thank you especially to the person who made a point of coming to both Liverpool and the Manchester show – thank you!

As I’m writing this I’m on a train from Amsterdam to Cologne, where I’m due to play this evening. Last night’s show at ‘Skek was great fun, but those tales will have to wait until the next train ride.

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