Tails from the German Rails – the brash, the honest and I

mapCultural differences. It really is quite surreal to travel through Germany by myself. Firstly, the actual getting from A to B and the touring logistic as such is much easier than anticipated and all worry and “Reisefieber” I had has washed away. You might wonder what the big deal is taking a train from town to town and you may well have a point! Especially as I’m so used to the many British trains and am all too familiar with all their quirks and loopholes. But firsts and unknowns of any kind are generally met with a dose of anticipation in my world… and there definitely have been plenty of firsts during the last four days!

Watching the people here go about their day and eavesdropping on their conversations feels a little like looking onto the person I once was. I still am that Berlin girl to a degree, just slightly anglicised, more apologies and less open complaints. Germans are so direct – no sugar coating – be it to voice a compliment or making it very clear that a service hasn’t met expectations. It’s partly the language itself, but also the fact that it’s so much more the norm and social acceptable to be direct, confident and outspoken to a degree that in England is sometimes considered brash or “rude” (hate that word!). Funny just how noticeable that difference is to me right now…


Last night my Dad came to meet me in Hannover and we drove back to Berlin after the show at Gig Linden. I was still on a high from the show at Verve in Bielefeld the day before… Very different to the intimate and attentive setting of Kiel, Bielefeld and Hannover where larger and slightly rowdier crowds… but very fun and up for a laugh!  I was overwhelmed (still can’t believe it!) that you’re all coming out to see me and are singing along and making me feel at home wherever I go – it’s great to meet you all, thanks for your support and for being so lovely!

In an hour or so I’m off to Dresden for the next show – I’m having so much fun playing every night… could definitely get used to this!

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