Tales from the Rails – The cracks and the cookie jar

So today is not the best of days… I’m in my own personal dead end street again a la Ray Davies as it’s actually raining through the crack in the ceiling right into my bedroom. I’d embrace the misery and reach for the Camberwell carrot or the Whiskey, but my throat’s aching and I hope I’ll feel better for tomorrow’s show in Cambridge. Here’s not to reflect on the clouds though, here’s to thank the lovely audience at The Cookie Jar in Leicester, everybody who helped organise the night and the wonderful Paper Aeroplanes for having me support them at the show. This has been one of my favourite shows of the tour.

Some Kind of Creature

Thank you to the two of you who travelled all the way from Uppingham on the bus to come see me play – top marks for effort! Thank you also for the lovely comments, one that stuck in my mind was “I can’t remember that last time I smiled so much at a show”, so very sweet of you!

One of my favourite things about this tour has been the pleasure of watching and discovering so many great musicians.  The Paper Aeroplanes were so kind and played such lovely music, I would love to share the bill with them again any day.

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