Tales from the Rails – the drunk and the balding & sunny Exeter

Well, that was bizarre… I arrived at Dorchester South on Wednesday afternoon and caught the bus just in time.
“How long does it take to get to Bridport?”
“Well, that depends on the traffic”, he replied, the subtext being “you aint from around here”.
Never before have I been on a bus that went down dirt paths and hillsides so rural. “What traffic?” I thought as we drove past a traffic sign with a duck on it (the only traffic sign of the journey).

Walking down the twee high street after an hour of ‘where the hell am I’ on the bus, I soon spotted the No. 10 Café, which looked nice enough. Most peculiar to see my tour poster hanging there.

half a pint of Whisky anyone?

Bridport – you win the title of ‘most drunk audience’ ever. Most amusing to see those misogynistic, frustrated balding ones amongst you fall flat on your face, onto the stage after trying to give me pointers on how to play a show. My advice to you would be to get over yourself, stay away from the booze and while you’re at it, stay at least 10 feet away from all women who have the misfortune to cross your path. Thank you.

After a night of not much sleep I made my way to Exeter for a much more enjoyable evening. The stage at Mama Stones was pretty cool and the crowd was fun and attentive. Great evening – thanks very much for coming out to see me!

Tonight I’m in Totnes (aka Narnia) for a show at the Barrel House – if Facebook is telling the truth, tonight’s going to be a full house!

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