Tales from the Rails (Glasgow) – brownies and the house on the hill

Glasgow was great! Last night I had the pleasure of playing at the Slow Club at Bar Bloc, which boasted a brand new PA and offered free cake (what more could you want?). The show kicked off with a set from Nyla. It was her first ever show and I kept wanting to tell her how cute she is. Most times that’s rather patronising, in this case it was fact – she was extremely cute – go have a listen for yourselves! Also, she bakes awesome brownies (again, what more could you want?).  Next up was John Mackie from Manchester: powerful voice and good songs and I’m sure we’ll meet again soon on the proverbial circuit.

It’s hard to identify what makes a great gig, but it’s easy to know when you’ve had one. I really enjoyed playing for you yesterday and I think you now hold the title of best audience participation on ‘Hey Ya’! Thank you for making me feel welcome, for the brownies, the lovely tunes, the surprise guests and for the support, hope to see you again soon!

It’s early (in musician time at least) and I’m on the train from Glasgow to Liverpool for a show at the Vinyl Basement Bar. I’ve got the whole day to spend, so I’ll probably hang out in the Blue Coat, which always reminds me of the house on the hill in Yellow Submarine, “H” is for “Hurry, “E” is for “Urgent”, “L” is for “Love me” and “P” is for “Please!”, but I shan’t need any, I’m happy going around in circles.

Obscure references aside, you can listen to my appearance on Dan and Wayne live on Stratcast (not quite so live, obviously) this evening, should be fun!

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  1. Now there’s a cover for you….we all live in a yellow submarine a yellow submarine a yellow submarine….and my friends are all aboard! Haha! Rock the boat Roxie…dey do dat don’t dey! xx

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