Tales form the Rails (Liverpool) – echoes and new corners

Liverpool – I must move here one day, for it seems that I never want to leave. Just when my familiarity with this city had reached a level that’s almost too comfortable (like that proverbial old shoe, or in my case, boot), I found a new corner with a completely different feel. Two stops on the Merseyrail to St. Michael’s and there I was, walking down Lark Lane, which is lined with a multitude of little coffee shops, restaurants and bars.

Some things remain the same… I walked down the stairs of the Vinyl Basement Bar and saw those familiar faces that echo through Liverpool. Albeit slightly distorted, looking back at me were a black and white John, George, Ringo and Paul as a backdrop to the stage.

Marc of The Springtime Anchorage hosted the show. He opened with a couple of his compositions, setting the bar high for the performers of the night, all of whom met the challenge – they were amazing and a joy to watch. The audience, though small in numbers, were a mix of new and familiar faces – Thanks for coming out to see me and for being so attentive! This was show five of the tour, I’m tired but feel my voice is getting stronger and I’m really enjoying playing you all the new songs off my record.

I usually struggle to really appreciate non-lyrical music, but to complete this wee blog post, have a listen to this amazingly talented chap!

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