Tales from the Rails part 3: BBC Norfolk and the Gold Fish song

I’ve just left Norwich and am on the train to Liverpool (via London). Yesterday was day three of my spring tour and I fear it will be hard to beat. I’ve never been to Norwich and the sun is out as I arrive. It’s beautiful here – glancing at the map on my phone held in one hand and dragging my suitcase behind me with the other, I head up the hill towards BBC Radio Norfolk. The beauty of the city and its buildings and statues distract me and I pause every now and then to look downhill at the sunbathed valley. It’s quite warm and I’m rather exhausted by the time I make it to the BBC, but get called into the live studio just a few minutes after arrival. I’m playing a live session on the Stephen Bumfrey show, who already has two guests chatting away in his booth. It’s a pretty crazy set up and I play two songs, My Shield and 1964, before squeezing in a few words about the tour and the single. After the BBC whirlwind I slowly make my way towards tonight’s venue, The Bicycle Shop, after a large coffee and the obligatory wifi break.

I find the venue in good time and it’s lovely – really sweat and quirky. There’s a fish tank in the corner of the stage and for a moment I wonder whether the goldfish mind the noise… Ian the promoter assures me that they like it and often swim towards the sound. As it’s my very first visit in this part of the UK, I really didn’t expect many people to come to the show. I’m amazed as the room fills up gradually (thanks to supporting local act Helsinki wins as well!) and by the time I take to the stage the room is pretty much full! I play two sets and by the end of the second, the room is so packed that people are standing on the stairway. I played the Judee Sill cover, premiered my new song ‘Empty Space’ and am surprised at how well everyone’s singing along at the end of the show. An added bonus was getting to spend some time with Norwich based Singer / Songwriter Jess Morgan. She has a new album out now and I’ve just bought my copy – I suggest you do the same; her songs are brilliant!

So what have I learnt? Bangers and Mash goes together well with green kale and goldfish like my music.

If the shows continue at this rate I’ll never want to go back home. To date, being on the road (or rails) has not been this fantastic – thank you for coming out to see me play! Next stop is one of my home away from homes, Liverpool!

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