Tales from the German Rails – the final two and thank you

Picture 5Well, well! I’m back in London town after an amazing two weeks in Germany. The last two shows were very different, but equally enjoyable. The penultimate gig of the tour was in the fairy-tale land of Marburg. As I struggled uphill along those narrow and winding alleys, I constantly had to stop, firstly to ask various people for directions (the last time resulting in the very friendly lady saying: Pff, you’ll never find that – I’ll just walk you there!), but more so to gaze at the weird and wonderful statues that are dotted around the town. It was later explained to me that the Brothers Grimm went to university here and much like Stratford upon Avon, the place is basically one big homage to its bringers of fame. You can’t really see it in this picture, but this shoe is about 2meters high – would be quite hard to walk in…


The actual gig was in an equally extraordinary venue – twas a former Ossuary (yup, new word in my vocabulary at least!). Huge thank you to the lovely hosts of the event and thanks for the tour of the town!

Picture 6

Weilburg is only about an hour away from Marburg so it was a rather leisurely day in comparison to the previous ones. The venue was the smallest of the tour, but hey, it was sold out – better a sold out small room than an empty large one! Once again, the hosts were absolutely lovely – thanks for making me feel so welcome.

I really don’t know why I waited so long to tour Germany, I’m definitely not going to leave it long until the next one – still so many other places to see and play in. Thank you so much for organising, coming along to and helping at the shows. I’m really thankful for all your messages and hope to see you all again soon. Schoen war es! Leider ohne Umlaut auf diesem laptop… Egal – ich danke euch!!

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