Tales from the Rails (Cardiff) – A thank you, looking back, and can I have another coffee?

Back in Cardiff, back at the Buffalo Bar, but this time top of the bill – huzzah. To be honest, I was rather nervous as I arrived at the venue on Monday evening, unsure as to whether anyone would come out to see me.

Tour Poster

To my surprise, the few lovely folks I do know in town did an incredible job rounding up friends and family. As they all piled in it seemed to me that half of Cardiff was at the Buffalo bar to see me play. Truly overwhelmed by your efforts and your help, I’m so glad you had as good a time listening as I did playing for you. I’d also like to thank the lovely people of the Evening Show at BBC who have been plugging the show and my single over the last month. Here’s to you – thank you all for your help, for coming along to the show and for being so sweet and attentive throughout!

I usually go for coffee, but went for the chips this time.

I’m now on a train (of course, where else could I be) to Dorchester South, from where I need to catch a bus to Bridport. Tonight I’m playing at the No. 10 Café – the first venue I’m actually unable it get to via train. I’ve heard it’s a really pretty town, so perhaps I’ll get a chance to take a look around. Looking back through my diary, I really can’t believe I’ve been on tour since September 1st, have released a single, a music video and have been to America and back. You know, I still feel like I’m not doing enough and that the ‘to do’ list is only getting longer. I suppose that’s how it goes, the more you do the more you do the more you do. Perhaps not my most eloquent post, but I have yet to finish coffee nr. 1. Ok, that’s a lie, it’s coffee nr. 2.

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