Tales from the Rails 2 (Leeds) – Friends and Guitar players

I’m stuck on a 4 ½ hour bus journey from Leeds to London with a laptop full of music and no headphones, which is something my friends back at home would lovingly refer to as “white people problems”. Last night I had the pleasure of playing at the Gaslight Club at Oporto – show number two of the three month, world tour (yes, I like saying that). The night was hosted by Gary Stewart, a brilliant guitar player and songwriter who I later found out is also the bass player in Ellen and the Escapades (worth checking out if you haven’t yet).

Is this the famous British dark humor?

People often ask me whether it doesn’t get lonely on the road (or rails, in my case…) touring alone without a band, tour manager, etc. It really does not. This is due partly to modern technology, where any corner of the world is just a click away, but also because I’m lucky to have a lovely group of people who come see me play whenever I visit their town. Some of you I’ve known long enough to establish friendships. Thank you for always making the effort to stop by on my tours – they wouldn’t be the same without you!

I really enjoyed last night’s show and hope you did too. Special thanks to the lovely host and promoter and also to the audience member extraordinaire, who saw me play in Manchester yesterday and actually came along to yesterday’s Leeds show as well – thanks and see you soon, I’m sure!

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  1. Total pleasure to listen always to a beautiful singer songstress with such a mature and engaging outlook to her work.Charisma by the bucket loads too. 🙂 x

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