I invaded the BBC!

We’ve shot a new music video. Not just any music video, but a high-risk extravaganza that required spy cameras, escape plans and bail money!! About time I filled you in on what’s been going on at Roxanne de Bastion HQ…

The last few months have been very exciting with a lot of people showing interest in my music, work ethic (“the hardest working woman in showbiz” says Chris!) and my approach to the music industry.  So, after a few months of teaming up with a few like-minded partners in crime and planning, I’m pleased to announce that I’m releasing my first proper single this November. We’ve chosen “Buckle Up” as, although many of you know the song well (I’ve heard you sing it!), it’s been recorded and produced anew and will be a good introduction for people who don’t know me yet. The song is autobiographical and tells the tale of leaving home, trying to pursue your goals and realising that it’s not going to be as easy or straightforward as you hoped:  It’s about reassessing, reinventing and re-motivating yourself.

To make this work, I felt the music video had to tell the same story and be autobiographical as well. Fortunately, I had a fantastic team to help realize the idea.  The concept is fairly simple… I went into BBC buildings and other musical institutions (TV centre, BBC radio 2, BBC 6, Broadcast house, to name a few) and played my song to the people at reception. I’ve been a receptionist in the past and know what a dull job it is. I would have loved it if somebody had come in to play me a song, so I hoped they’d appreciate something a little out of the ordinary. I don’t want to give away the reactions just yet. I can tell you we didn’t need the bail money, although the escape routes did come in handy!

When I first came to London I went straight to the BBC TV Centre and asked to see Jools Holland. They politely turned me away, but that’s not the point. The point is that I seem to do things in a way people find quirky or amusing. I do things that make people say, “You have balls”. With this song and this video, I really want to show the world my quirky balls…!

I’m going on tour before the release, first to New York for some shows (can’t wait to be back!) and then through the UK. The official Single Release Gig will be at the 229 in London on November 17th.  This is where I need your support – once the single is up on itunes (this may well be a few days before the official release, I’ll let you know!) I would like to ask you all to buy it, preferable all at once! If we’re organised, we have an actual chance of making a real impact with “Buckle Up”. After the 17th, I’m going to start working on the debut album and hope to release it next year. I couldn’t do this without your support, so thank you very much for being a part of this, for enjoying the music and for your feedback. I’ll publish the tour dates very soon and look forward to seeing you at one of the shows!

“Buckle Up” was recorded by Steve Honest in Rock of London Studios, produced by Laurie Grandi and the video is being produced by Button Up Productions, Producer: Ed Dark (recent projects include the Harry Potter movies) Director: Ismar Badzic (working with Channel 4, Sky 1, etc).

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  1. Really like the idea for the video! ”When I first came to London I went straight to the BBC TV Centre and asked to see Jools Holland. They politely turned me away, but that’s not the point” – don’t you ever change. Best of luck in NYC!

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