New Music Video – Indie Electro Pop

Tonight I perform at the Notting Hill Arts Club in London and will be premiering my new music video. Here’s a small recap of the shoot and some well deserved credits for those who made it possible:

The list of props required for my new music video shoot certainly made for a curious shopping list: thick rimmed glasses without lenses, tight jeans, wigs, hats, retro items (packmen, gameboys) for jewelry, spray paint.. Save the latter, all items were easily obtained from the Camden Market (took me about 10mins!). So, off to Berlin we flew to plot the details for the two day shoot to my song Indie Electro Pop!

Shooting this music video was, hands down, one of the most fun things I’ve been able to do since I started to pursue my music career seriously. I got to work with some of my closest friends, who all did an amazing job. The video features my imaginary band, the cool cats – they come along and show me how to rock out, indie electro pop style, and disintegrate back into the depths of my imagination… We went for colourful, upbeat and wacky – let me know what you think!

Thank you very much to the director, Nevin Wolf, for keeping a calm collected disposition (one of the most important traits of a director if you ask me!). Thank you to Henry who drove us to and from the many Berlin locations (and for suiting the Indie Electro Pop look so naturally!). Thank you to Geraldine, who, amongst many other things, was responsible for all the fabulous Indie Electro Pop costumes – a job well done! The amazing artwork you’ll see in the background was designed and painted by James Gardiner. A special thanks also goes to James, Gary and Lennart for being the stars in the video – you are so raaaad.

Thank you to Annabel for helping out and for lending Gary your jeans! Thanks also to Dorian for looking super in my Dad’s old jumper.. In the hope that I haven’t left anybody out, I hope you enjoy the video and the song, which you can download for free (just follow the link above).

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